Top Game, RTG (Real Time Gaming) Leading USA Online Casino Software Providers

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Found a new casino but not sure about its operating software?

Welcome to the club. While the USA government’s position on its citizens patronizing offshore gambling sites is somewhat hazy, the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) makes it clear that no financial institution is allowed to knowingly process transactions to offshore gambling companies. Take away the money and you take away the lifeblood of an offshore gaming business. The only thing propping them up is continued usage from USA citizens willing to let their credit cards be processed by anonymous third party offshore financial firms.

As a result trustworthy, reliable, and engaging online casino software for USA facing operations is in short supply. No major software developer is willing to take a risk on creating software equal to – or better than – Europe’s Microgaming or Playtech casino platforms because the legal and financial risks are too great.

So what’s left?

The two leading USA online casino software platforms are RTG (Real Time Gaming) and Top Game. Of the two, RTG has been around the longest, with a good track record of providing entertaining games, great graphics, and progressive slot machines with enormous jackpots. Most serious players respect RTG’s games and prefer to play at casinos using this software platform.

Top Game is a a relative newcomer to the casino software market, but it has been embraced as an affordable alternative to RTG. Most Top Game casinos are smaller operations with less financing, but for the most part are trustworthy and competent.

The black sheep in the USA facing online casino industry are the so-called “proprietary software” platforms. Any gaming site claiming to use its own software – or a lesser known casino software brand – should be greeted with skepticism. Payout percentages for RTG and Top Game can be reliably monitored by auditing the performance of their games across a couple hundred different online casinos. The fairness of proprietary software, however, must be taken on faith. In most cases, casinos using proprietary software have games rigged against the player. features a number of RTG and Top Game casinos welcoming USA customers. Browse our reviews, look at deposit options, or visit the homepage for our top four brands. All of these casinos are held in high regard by both players and industry experts. They might not be as prestigious as a high flying European online casino, but among a throng of shady operations, they are among the safest places to play.

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