Online Casinos – Differences between Male and Female Online Gamblers?

Believe it or not, the battle of the sexes takes place at online casinos, too. Every casino has its own style and target demographic, and it’s easy to see what group of people the casino is trying to attract by judging its use of graphics and promotions. Some casinos are more for guys, while others are just for girls. Other casinos are gender neutral, hoping to attract players from both sexes. Either way, casino marketers definitely focus on the differences between male and female gamblers, so that they can provide the best online casino experience possible.

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Before we move any further, it’s important to state that casinos will take all comers. Therefore, there’s no one sex that’s better for the casino than the other, because the object of the game is to get the most people possible through the door. To qualify things further, sites that are geared towards males, for example, will obviously get better male players, just as sites geared towards females will get better female players. It boils down to demographics; and what type of gaming experience is being offered that determines if more of one sex than the other will play in higher numbers.

Male vs. Female Gamblers: Preferences by Sex

Male Gamblers

  • Types of Games: Male gamblers tend to prefer table games and action gambling. Blackjack, craps, roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Let ’em Ride are popular among males, who like to show off with their knowledge of game strategy, or bet big as a high roller. They look at gambling as a competition against the house.
  • Initial Deposit: Male gamblers like to deposit more money up front than females, and this means that they tend to go through their money much faster. Average first deposits among males range from $100-$500 USD. High rollers and VIP deposit in excess of $1500 USD. Showing off financial power is key.
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  • Multi-Player Gaming: By nature, men tend to be more independent and boisterous, and therefore more likely to gamble at their own private table, opposed to a multi-player environment. Serious male gamblers get tired of chat windows and less experienced players at their tables, so they will gravitate to private tables as a rule.
  • Graphics and Advertising: Men prefer casino websites that are exciting. They like to feel like they’re actually in Vegas. Additionally, it comes as no surprise that men also like images of sexy women or attractive casino hostesses. Sex sells, and online casinos are no different. It’s also worth noting that “sexy images” doesn’t mean pornography, although there are a very small number of online casinos that do use nudity in their advertising.

Female Gamblers

  • Types of Games: It’s a know fact that women love slots: regular single pay line, multi pay line, progressive, and interactive slots. Video Poker is also very popular. They like games that they can play anonymously, which don’t require a vast knowledge of gambling strategies. There are women that love table games, like men. Popular table games include roulette, blackjack, and stud poker.
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  • Initial Deposit: Female gamblers make smaller initial deposits than men. Unlike their male counterparts, who like to “go all in” right away, women like to test the waters with a smaller deposit, and then re-load with larger deposits. This allows them to enjoy a fun gaming experience that doesn’t break the bank.
  • Multi-Player Gaming: Some women gamble online to socialize. As a result, they tend to seek multi player games that have a chat function, allowing them to converse with other players. Women like to connect with others, and will frequently arrange common times to meet other women online to play casino games. The “action” aspect of gambling isn’t as important to women, they would rather enjoy themselves in the company of others.
  • Graphics and Advertising: While men like sexy female graphics and fast paced imagery, women tend to enjoy casinos that offer a more “relaxed” appearance. Women like casinos that offer a fantasy environment, something completely new and different to experience. The idea of “escaping” drives women towards themed sites and casinos that are easy on the eyes. In most all cases, there is no need to use sexy images of males: women don’t need a guy to convince them whether or not to gamble.

So that’s our summary of some of the key differences between male and female gamblers. As we said at the top of this post, no one sex is not better than the other, though it bares repeating that some casinos are obviously geared towards to one sex over the other. Naturally, this means that the gaming environment, promotions, and website imagery tend to determine which sex makes up the majority of the players.

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Online Casinos – Blackjack Tournaments Available at Cherry Red Casino

Ever since online poker became popular in the mid-2000’s, casino fans have shown increasing interest in online casino game tournaments. For some players, online poker is too slow, and fails to offer enough “action” gaming. On the other hand, blackjack or slots casino game tournaments are much faster paced, exciting, and offer substantial prizes for winners. Also, in many cases, the house does not “play” in the tournament: the house simply deals cards and players only play against each other.

Online casino tournaments, like poker a game, also offer players social interaction with others. Participants in blackjack tournaments can chat with others at their table, or chat with those who are just “watching” the game. Sometimes, playing casino games by oneself can be lonely, so the ability to interact with others on a civil basis provides many players an additional incentive to join tournaments.

One of the best online casinos for online blackjack tournaments is Cherry Red Casino. Powered by industry leading RTG software, Cherry Red’s online blackjack tournaments welcome USA players and others from around the world. Additionally, there is no special deposit process for joining a “real money” tournament: participants can use funds from their player’s account just as if they were playing regular blackjack.

There are also a few other benefits to Cherry Red Casino’s Blackjack Tournaments:

  • Single Tournaments – Players can opt to play in “single tournaments”, which are tournaments that start and end in one sitting. These tournaments are fun, fast paced, and offer modest prizes. In addition, players in the tournament will be ranked on Cherry Red’s blackjack ladder.
  • Multi Tournaments – Multi Tournaments are simply tournaments that involve various stages of play. They are generally longer than single tournaments, and can span over a period of a couple weeks or a month. The object is to progress by clearing each tournament stage. Then, if you are lucky enough to make it to the final table, you could win a substantial cash prize. In some cases, winning a “satellite” tournament may be necessary in order to gain entry into high stakes multi-tournaments. Players are ranked on Cherry Red’s blackjack ladder.
  • Free Play Tournaments – If you don’t feel like putting up real money, or just want to get accustomed to the way in which the tournaments operate, Cherry Red Casino offers “Free Play” tournaments as well. All you have to do is signup as a customer at Cherry Red, and then make your way to the blackjack tournament section, where you can join a tournament for free. Also note that Cherry Red may offer some “free roll” tournaments, where players can enter for $0 and compete for a small cash prize of $25-$100, and/or bonus money for their casino player’s account.
  • Note Tournament Rules – Cherry Red’s tournaments each have some general rules that each player should review. Aside from game play instructions, Cherry Red Casino requires that players follow correct “etiquette” and do not intentionally slow down game play, or disrupt others with insulting chat messages. Additionally, there are special provisions for lost internet connections and/or server failures, which generally immediately remove the affected player(s) from the tournament and cancel any active bets. Finally, players watching the game are not permitted to “kibitz”, or comment on a player’s hand or the way in which a hand is played. This provision is meant to keep the tournament environment civil, and most importantly, free of cheaters.

So do you think you can win a Cherry Red Blackjack Tournament? Visit the casino today to find out more, and while you’re there, don’t forget to try the casino’s slots, roulette, baccarat, craps, pai gow, and numerous other exciting games. There’s lots to do at RTG casinos, and casino game tournaments are literally just the tip of the iceberg!

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